Physics of Figure Skating

This website will tell you how figure skaters use physics to skate and perform jumps and spins on ice.
I really like figure skating, so I decided to find out the science behind skating, and this website will tell you all about it!

Energy Forces How Figure Skaters Use Physics

What types of energy are used in figure skating?

Potential Energy

Potential energy is stored energy inside the skater, in other words the skater's strength. For example, potential energy is used when the figure skater jumps off of their toe pick. The energy is then turned into a different type of energy.

Kinetic Energy

Potential energy turns into Kinetic after the skater lifts off and they spin on their own in the air. The more potential energy, the more kinetic energy there will be. So the figure skater needs a lot of potential energy to be able to get enough kinetic energy to do spins in the air.

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